A business with your safety in mind

Between Q3 2008 and Q3 2009, aggravated burglaries increased by over 50 per cent nationwide. And with more thieves breaking into our homes, naturally enough, we’re all looking for more ways to stop them. So although these are tough times, in the long run investing in the security of your home could prove very worthwhile if it prevents the incalculable loss suffered as a consequence of a break in.

Where then should you begin? It might seem obvious, but your doors and windows are by far the most vulnerable points. After all, burglars have to get in somewhere, and they don’t come down the chimney.

One of the country’s leading suppliers of doors and windows is Senator Windows who have been installing windows and doors with high security features in homes around Ireland for over 25 years. To most of us a window is something you look through, but to Geraldine Sullivan of Senator Windows, it’s also the first line of defence against burglars.

According to Geraldine, all doors should be fitted with high-security hook bolts, centre dead latches and have a fully reinforced door sash/outerframe. Windows should have high-security features such as a shoot-bolt locking mechanisms. Senator Windows provide all of these features as standard, at no extra cost, on all of their windows and doors.

So, if you don’t want to become another crime statistic, get a free quotation and survey from Senator Windows by calling (1850 ) 774455 or by texting ‘wx quotation’ to 53030, or simply visit senatorwindows.ie


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