Darren Doyle from Studio93 shares tips on marketing on a budget

For many businesses, the idea of marketing is something to be feared. Many people have no idea how to promote their business and reach people with their products and services. Many feel that they do not have the finances required to run an effective marketing campaign. However effective marketing doesn’t have to be about spending vast amounts of capital. At Studio93 we take your marketing budget into account and focus on ways to market economically.

Here are a few low budget strategies to help you market your small business even in a recession:

Do you have a logo? Is it readily visible to your market?

First and foremost you must make sure that your presence is always seen by your prospective and current clients. The most effective way is your logo. Make sure your logo can be used effectively in all forms of media and be sure it represents you and your company accurately. Your logo must look professional which in turn will portray you as a professional. Continually look for new ways to get your logo seen. There is a myriad of inexpensive ways you can display your logo. The aim is that customers recognise your brand, understand what it stands for and can easily recall it.

How about using the internet?

Your website is your shop window. In today’s market, no matter what your business is, it pays to have a strong web presence. If your competitors have one and you don’t you are at a disadvantage straight away. Are potential customers finding you on-line? Provide special offers to your customers through your website and they will keep on visiting.

You can put online social networking to good use with such applications as Twitter and Facebook. Post messages about your special offers and discounts. An important part of online social networking sites is interaction with your customers directly. This way you can get important messages concerning your product and promotions to them immediately.

Here are three things you can do right now to improve your online presence for free:

1. Add your business to Google maps

2. Locate online communities specific to your industry and contribute through comments and articles.

3. Set up a LinkedIn in profile (www.linkedIn.com )

Small businesses generally work from a limited budget but that does not mean your marketing goals should be limited. On a limited budget you need to be a bit more creative by looking at more innovative ways to market. If you need help with this contact Studio93.

For more information call (090 ) 6482784 or log on to www.studio93.ie


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