Traffic Warden needed to aid school traffic - Buckley Byrne

The chaos of students and traffic entering and leaving schools on the Retreat Road could be aided by the presence of a traffic warden during the morning and evening says Sheila Buckely Byrne, independent candidate for Athlone Town Council.

Ms Buckley Byrne says she is aware of the difficulties for students and parents alike at the peak times for schools in the Retreat Area. After talking to local residents, Ms Buckley Byrne says that the suggestion of the presence of a traffic warden was raised. “I think it is a great idea, I understand that this has been successful at the junction of St Mary’s NS and it would be good to look at this as a possibility for increasing the safety at the schools on the Retreat Road. Parking can be hazardous but the presence of a traffic warden might help us all to take a little more care,” she added.


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