Local editor to run for Town Council

An injection of freshness to local politics seems more and more likely this week with the news that local newspaper editor, Eugene Deering, is to announce his independent candidacy for Athlone Town Council on June 5.

“I've been approached in recent days about the possibility of standing for Athlone Town Council by people who feel they've been forgotten and no longer have a voice at local government. I'm giving the matter very serious consideration,” said Mr Deering to the Advertiser yesterday (May 7 ).

“I'll be making my mind up this evening or tomorrow.”

Applications do not have to be in until Saturday, May 16.

Mr Deering, a Sligo native, has been living in Athlone for 16 years when he came to work as a reporter for the Westmeath Independent.

He has edited the Athlone Topic for the past 10 years and has campaigned tirelessly in his journalistic career on many social issues, always taking a strong courageous stand against injustice, drugs, street violence, and thuggery.

Mr Deering has been highly critical of the way the present recession has been handled.

"I've seen the way the country has gone in the last number of months and I feel a lot of people, in trouble with mortgages and loans, are simply being fed to the wolves,” he said.

“No one is interested in the plight of the hundreds, if not thousands of people who have been saddled with large home loans, while the banks themselves are being bailed out.

"Communities need people at work. People need new leadership.”

Eugene is well-known in sporting circles as a fully-qualified FAI referee. He has an avid interest in sport and keeping fit, and has completed several marathons and one triAthlone.

Eugene has always stressed the need for proper sports facilities for everyone to enjoy.

Professionally, he has a degree in English and Politics from UCG and was Young Journalist of the Year 1989.

He has reported overseas from Kosovo, Lebanon and Belarus and is also a former army reservist with



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