Athlone’s Silicon Heartlands leading the IDA jobs growth

Athlone based, Neueda Technologies, were the prime source of job creativity and one of the positive aspects behind a 14% rise in IDA employment within the Midlands region in 2018.

Commenting on the news, Deputy Denis Naughten TD, hoped that this percentage growth would be a sign of employment positivity in the future.

“While we are starting from a low base in terms of IDA jobs, I hope this growth will be an indication of future jobs announcements. With the construction underway of an advance factory in Athlone, this will make the town and the surrounding counties more attractive for new foreign jobs investment.

“There is no doubt that the Government’s decision to designate Athlone as a new potential city is helping to attract IDA jobs investment into the region and ensuring that it is fast becoming the ‘Silicon Heartlands’, with the town set to have a bigger percentage of the workforce employed in software development than any other town or city in Ireland or the UK,” the Deputy remarked.

With further job announcements likely, Athlone and the surrounding towns are set for a boost to the local economy from a social and economic perspective.

“With current employment levels in the sector locally, along with job announcements and others set to be formally made, Athlone is set to have 15 percent of its workforce in the software sector which puts it well ahead of Dublin and its Silicon Docks.

“Towns such as Roscommon have an abundance of ready to move into office space, and with a new incubation hub about to become operational in Ballinasloe other towns in the region are set to benefit from this major growth in the tech sector in Ireland’s Heartlands.

“The objective of creating a hub in Athlone and using that to bring more investment into the surrounding towns of Tullamore, Mullingar, Longford, Roscommon and Ballinasloe is clearly set out in the Government’s Project Ireland 2040. This is a designation that I spearheaded through my engagement with Government.

“Apart from direct employment multinational companies have a hugely positive effect on the local economy with over eight jobs being created for every 10 jobs in IDA supported companies,” Deputy Naughten concluded.


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