Former head of Commodore UK to host book signing in Athlone

Former Commodore UK Managing Director, David Pleasance, has been announced as special guest at the Amiga Ireland annual retro computing event which takes place in the Prince of Wales hotel in Athlone on January 18 and 19.

The event is designed to allow fans of Commodore computers to socialize, play games and learn new skills through workshops. Since their inception in 2015, the group has grown to an annual conference with game competitions such as ‘Sensible Soccer’, spot prizes, exhibitions, interviews and workshops on topics such as computer programming, music creation, installing WiFi on the Commodore 64 and installing Dropbox on Amiga.

Iarla Ó’Riada, the original founder of the group speaking prior to the event, commented, “from the beginning, the decision was made to operate as a non-profit organisation so that we could signal the intention behind the project. It’s all about good will, face-to-face meeting, enjoying the many aspects of these great machines, as well as meeting the people who made them possible.

“We arevery lucky to have people like David Pleasance, Trevor Dickinson and others attend the event regularly as they represent the history and future of these wonderful machines. David’s book, ‘Commodore: The Inside Story’, is enjoying very positive reviews and given his position in the company he is the best placed person to tell us authoritatively about the record breaking company and it’s tragic downfall.”

Tickets for the event are available at and are priced at €25 for Saturday only or €40 for both Friday and Saturday.



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