Empowered Mama event this weekend

Shirley Tutty and Rosie Greaney are delighted to be hosting their second Empowered Mama event entitled 'Empowered Mama – Self Care with Essential Oils, Meditation and Yoga', in the Hodson Bay Hotel, Athlone, on July 14 from 10am to 2pm.

The theme of the events focus on empowering women to use doTerra essential oils in a daily proactive health-care routine for both themselves and their family.

This particular event places self care at the core of one's daily routine for an empowered mother. By placing yourself first, one must learn to receive more of oneself as opposed to continually being the giver in the family, which can lead to ill health and disease.

Shirley Tutty is a public speaker and catalyst for change coach as well as a 'heartfulness' facilitator. Shirley uses a wide range of tools and processes that she has acquired over the past 20 years in her own journey of self care, alongside the potent doTerra range of oils when she coaches her clients.

Shirley has witnessed the power the body has in healing itself, once it is given the correct conditions.

She adores the doTerra essential oils, and is a passionate advocate as she sees their important role in health and well-being, both personally, in her family and within her clinical practice in Ireland and abroad.

Rosie is a presidential diamond leader and European founder with doTerra essential oils and has her own blog 'The Irish Mummy'. Rosie is passionate about motherhood and continuously empowers herself and other women in every aspect of life, right through from birth to business.

Rosie is mum to Paddy and Saoirse and has used the oils from preconception, to pregnancy, to birth and beyond twice over!

With another baby on the way, Rosie is a testimony to the safe and effective use of oils during all aspects of child development and health, and the absolute requirement of the mother to prioritise her own self care.

On the day you will be welcomed at the registration desk with a goodie bag and flavoured water with essential oils. A jam packed morning of self care with oils, tools and processes for empowerment, and a beautiful heartfulness meditation to finish off the day.

Please log on to https://www.eventbrite.com/e/empowered-mama-self-care-with-doterra-essential-oils-meditation-and-yoga-tickets-47623027758 or contact Shirley Tutty on 085-7887980 for more details.


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