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Did you know...our camps were initially designed for children with Dyspraxia? Many of these children suffer from anxiety so we developed strategies that promoted an inclusive and free environment within a camp where children could truly be themselves, relax, play and create.

Many of these children also had other issues, such as hearing loss and ASD, but they were welcomed by our team. Many of THESE children had siblings who wanted to attend our camp because it just sounded fun. Some of these kids had no issues or diagnoses and some had their own difficulties going on. We welcomed them all. And every year, we welcome all children as long as we believe this type of social opportunity will benefit them.

This is how we believe children should be treated. Diagnoses should help children to understand differences they may be living with and help parents attain extra resources to make children's lives easier. They should NEVER exclude children from the same opportunities as others, and we welcome all differences. Our motley campers are what make Sugru's camps so special - the vibe is diverse, accepting, understanding and focuses on kindness, uniqueness and fun above all else.

We've been running our camps for four years now and children have attended from Galway, Dublin, Tipperary, Meath, Carlow, Cork, Westmeath, Longford, Roscommon and Mayo.

For our 2018 Wellness4Kids Camps, we've a few places left in Athlone but it's booking up fast. If you're interested in booking your child in, we recommend getting in touch as soon as you can. Only 6 weeks to go! To book a space, call us on 09064-99144 or email [email protected].


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