Let Natasha Rocca Devine inspire your dream home at Renovate 360 event

In a week in which half the country tuned in to see what Dermot Bannon would do for Daniel and Majella, it is appropriate that two of Galway’s largest credit unions announce details of an event that gives us all a chance to create the house of our dreams.

On Sunday March 4, the Clayton Hotel will be the location for Renovate 360 — a veritable one-stop shop answering all the questions you have about funding and inspiring the complete or partial transformation of your home.

Lisa Stewart of St Anthonys and Claddagh Credit Union told the Galway Advertiser that the name has stemmed from two sources - 360 because it’s for all parts of the home — kitchen, attic conversions, insulating, extensions or full renovations and also because the two credit unions worked with their community suppliers to put together an impressive line up.

“So it is all encompassing from the start to finish - planning a renovation, financing it and everything in between,” said Ms Stewart.

“We have Natasha Rocca Devine of The Interiors NRD hosting and speaking, and architect and TV broadcaster Declan O’Donnell speaking.

“Ollie Turner will be moderating a Q&A panel where the audience can put questions to Natasha, Declan, Ted Coyle (SACU ), Sean Dockry(Architect ) and Eddie from Ecowis ).

“Scattered around the room will representatives from a host of suppliers such as Steel Tech Sheds, Laura Ashley, Sean Dockry Architects, Ecowise, Geraghtys Joinery and many more.

The event will also see the launch of the credit unions’ Renovate 360 loans with €20,000 renovation loans available for as little as €52 a week; and €50,000 loans available for €130 a week. For more details contact 1800 601 601 or visit www.renovate360.ie Speaking in advance of the event, Ms Rocca Devine told the Advertiser that she is looking forward to helping inspire homeowners in the west.

First event in west

“Fortunately, I have been lucky enough to speak at many events and hosted various shows, both live and online. Yet, I have never spoken in an event in the West, as of yet, and I am very grateful to host this exciting event with St Jarlath’s Credit Union and St Anthony’s & Claddagh Credit Union, and to share it with the talented Declan O’Donnell. Also, I am grateful to my agent Sinéad from Galway who has created this wonderful opportunity.

“On a personal level, this is a particularly special occasion for me as I have had a love for Galway since a child. When I was younger, I spent each summer and holiday breaks in Galway with my mother and my sisters. We would spend time mostly in Clifden, Connemara, and Galway city. I also have fond memories of her friend Michael O’Grady, who I believe is a local legend. Michael was very kind to us and showed us around the best local spots, including his restaurants, which I hope to visit during my next visit,” she said.

Key to Natasha Rocca Devine’s success is her ability to spot and recommend trends in the ever-changing industry.

“Since a young age I have been immersed in all things creative. I follow trends by reading magazines, looking online and keep up-to-date with my favourite interiors and fashion brands. While I feel trends come from the world around us.

“So, it is a mixture of obvious observation yet what I predict or feel will show up based on what I see in real life in Ireland or on my travels. Most recently, I have created my own ‘Trends & Contacts‘ book to include new trends, such as pet interiors which, I feel will show up in Irish shops in 2018.”



of design

Natasha believes that in general, online audiences are more aware of the importance of design these days.

“I feel online audiences in general are extremely aware. With social media apps, such as Instagram, Pininterest, YouTube etc. audiences are extremely educated and savvy in their standards, particularly in that of design.

“So, if anything I believe expectations are high for anyone in my field or a specialist to keep audiences entertained. My social audiences vary between interiors admirers to young and older across countries, who each want to gain more design inspiration or get insider views of the interiors industry.

“Nowadays for anyone who has a creative career such as a magazine, online social channels or designing, content needs to be dynamic and relatable to appeal to for ages, budgets and lifestyles. Most importantly, it needs to be authentic. Always stay true to yourself and audiences will follow suit,” she says.

Natasha’s website is stunning in its design and content — she believes that people should follow suit and be more adventurous in design, in their branding, their interiors and their outlook.

“I believe you should always push the boundaries in your choices in design. However, I believe everyone should be adventurous within their own budget and style.”

And this is something she will be pushing at Renovate 360 in Galway.

“Design has to appeal to the person, family, home or commercial space in question. Particularly in the home, the fabrics, colours, textures and style must suit you. All designs should be aesthetically pleasing yet, functional. Also, choices in lighting and electricals should be suitable for both short and long term.

She agrees that there is now a greater interest in connecting outside with inside, because of programmes like Room To Improve?

“Shows like Room To Improve are important in terms of pushing the boundaries such as connecting outside with inside, keeping to budgets, showing options such as maximising the use of wasted space and key trends.

“On a more fundamental level, these shows educate the audience in the terms, teams, time and efforts required to design or renovate a home. They provide viewers with awareness and confidence to move forward in their design choices, what to do but even more importantly what’s not to do, particularly with costs.”

Natasha is launching her own interior design classes this year so she is excited about the opportunity to assist people in their awareness and choices in their home design.

Survived serious

road crash

She attributes her love for design and creativity to her new zest for life following her recovery from a serious injury in a road accident in the US in 2004.

“As I survived a coma at 19, I have a sense of gratefulness everyday. I feel I got a second chance and will always see the best in each day.

“Plus, as part of my job I get to host events in Galway representing brilliant brands with Declan and the wonderful guests. That will be very exciting. I love to travel and see new places yet, as my job includes social media it always ‘on’. So, I try to keep balance by spending with family, friends and nature. My job and lifestyle is something I am grateful for and often very exciting!

Ms Rocca Devine said that she hopes she will be motivating and inspiring the audience to increase the value and experience of their homes.

“I plan to emphasise the importance of investing in a Renovate 360 Degree Loan to use for both renovations and interior design to increase the value of your home and in turn your quality of life and that of your family.

“Along with tips on energy efficient design, I will be encouraging the audience to invest in long lasting choices on a realistic budget, and to inform them about trends and lots more! I hope to motivate people to take this exciting opportunity and invest in a Renovate 360 Degrees Loan to better their futures.

As part of ‘The Interiors NRD’ services I host and create digital campaigns, mostly for real estate or design brands or firms. Regardless of your industry I feel that all companies and business need an online presence to survive this current digital market. Sinead has Mini Media business, which is a fantastic service for corporate brands too and she has taught me a lot. I am very excited for this event with Declan and the Credit Unions, so please join us for the fantastic and informative day.”

— Renovate 360 event will be held in the Clayton Hotel Galway on Sunday March 4 from 2-4pm.


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