Galway clinic offers hope to acne sufferers

Taking antibiotics for your acne is a huge mistake, according to Therese Moylan, an acne expert who has 25 years’ experience treating acne.

If you have acne and you have seen your doctor about it, chances are you were put on the antibiotic merry-go-round — you start with one, and when that stops working you move on to another, and still another; or maybe you stay on antibiotics for years. And you still have acne. Why? Because antibiotics give temporary improvement and they kill most, but not all, of the bacteria, and the acne becomes severe again, and since each antibiotic becomes less effective over time, in the end you wind up with no options left.

According to Moylan, there are much better ways to treat your acne and get clear skin.

The acne treatment programme and protocols offered at the Therese Moylan Skincare Centre are based on the research, teachings, and practice of dermatologist Dr James Fulton MD, PhD, one of the most renowned acne experts in the world. Inflamed acne can be completely cleared in just three months without any antibiotics or visits to the dermatologist. This programme is suitable for both adults and teenagers and works equally well for men and women. See the before and after photos here for an idea of what can be achieved.

To make an appointment call 091 566985. Therese Moylan Skincare Centre, 33 Woodquay, Galway.



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