How to get a great night’s sleep

This February EZ Living is talking about all things bedroom related. This week in particular, the team want to make sure that your bed is put to the appropriate use, sleeping. Did you know that on average we spend at least one third of our lives asleep? Read on for EZ Living's tips on how to get a great night’s sleep.

In the hectic, modern, lifestyle that most of us lead, the importance of sleep is often not a priority. Moreover, getting a good night’s sleep can come even further down the list. In broad terms, scientists believe that sleep is needed for our bodies and brains to recover from the day’s activities. As well as this, we need sleep for energy regulation and for the formation of long term memories and learning.

While these things may seem like scientific mumbo jumbo (and possibly have sent you to sleep already ), if you want your mind and your body to function properly and at its best, then getting a good night’s sleep should be a top priority.

Mattress madness

An essential part of getting a good night’s sleep is having the right mattress. Unfortunately, a shocking number of us do not take this into account. The wrong mattress, or a mattress that is simply too old, can be detrimental to achieving that essential REM sleep. An uncomfortable mattress is proven to have negative effects on your night’s sleep, so why not have a look at EZ Living to find your perfect mattress match.

Pillow talk

When it comes to getting a good night’s sleep, comfort is always key. And here we’re talking pillows. While some of us love the look of 30-something throw pillows on the bed, let’s just keep these for decoration. When you hit the hay at night, the last thing you want is to strain your neck and spend the following day trying to unhinge yourself back into shape. The general rule of thumb is that one pillow is plenty. If you want to customize your pillow situation, and create ultimate comfort levels, then why not try out one of EZ Living's memory foam pillows. There is nothing like snuggling up to a pillow at night that remembers you.

Beautiful bedding

Now that you know the story with mattresses and pillows, it is time to think about the coverings. Yet again, comfort is imperative in getting that good night’s sleep. To achieve that goal, you will want bedding that will make you want to rush up to bed as soon as you get in the door in the evening. Just remember, good bedding provides warmth, insulation, and that much sought after comfort.

EZ Living recommends a mattress topper to create a snugness level that most of us only experience when we spend a night or two away in a hotel. Along with this, having good quality bed linen to cover your duvet and pillows will improve your bedding situation and thus, your sleep.

It is all about routine

If you can, try to take some time to plan out your day from the get go. Regulating your daily routines, from eating to exercising, chilling, and downtime to going to bed time, if you know what is coming your body will be more relaxed and ready for sleep. As part of this ritual, set yourself an actual bed time. This may seem strange as an adult, but your body will thank you for it later.

Authentic ambience

Stop all the clocks, cut off the telephone, prevent the dog from barking... OK while you have no control over time or nature, we can follow WH Auden’s advice a little bit here. Put down the phone, turn off the laptop, shut off the iPad. All the technology in the world will not help you sleep, in fact it is proven to keep you from doing just that. So when you do make it up to the bed at night, make sure all this distractive technology is far from reach and you will be sleeping like a baby in no time. As well as removing all this from your sleep zone, why not create a bedroom you will actually want to sleep in. You have the perfect mattress, pillow, and bed linen, so add to this with some candles and homely accessories to make your bedroom an authentically ambient haven in which you will struggle not to sleep.

And there you have it, some great tips on how to get the great night’s sleep that you have sought out for what may seem like centuries. Do not miss out on those precious Zzzs ever again.

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