Heat loss is money loss

ECAS Ltd carries out energy analysis services to identify problem areas that are costing home owners money through heat loss.

The thermal imaging survey carries out a detailed look at the building fabric and identifies insulation gaps, insufficiencies, and unevenness of insulation areas that need to be upgraded through a heat loss analysis. It is a totally non-invasive process and involves no physical contact and consequently there is no potential for damage.

ECAS Ltd assesses the needs of the client, works through the issues, and offers recommendations on what is the best return on investment. It can prepare a report from the survey that is carried out on a property so it can be used to evaluate the best retrofit for the building. ECAS can also recommend reputable companies to assist clients on the best approach in achieving a better thermal envelope and saving money.

ECAS LTD is fully qualified in all aspects of work it carries out.

Call to discuss your requirements and ECAS Ltd can assist you on what is the best approach. The areas and services the business covers are; radon gas testing (one week test ), leak detection (using thermal imaging and listening device ), energy audits, passive house design, air tightness testing, building surveys, thermal imaging analysis surveys, grants, and project management.

For enquiries or more information visit www.ecas.ie and email [email protected], or call 091-446537 or 087-6849965.



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