World’s most colourful 5km arrives in Gort

Run or Dye, the world’s most colourful 5k run, is making a splash in Lough Cutra Castle in Gort on Saturday September 6. It's the fun, friendly event for all the community, where colour is the name of the game. Hundreds have already registered, so if you're up for a bit of colour in your life - log onto today. Remember Run or Dye not just for runners, it's for walkers and joggers too, regardless of age, athletic ability, shape or size, everyone is welcome—from parents and children to professionals and students. Just come dressed in white and ready to have fun!

Lough Cutra Castle is making a name for itself as hugely successful event venue having hosted 1,000 triathletes earlier this year as part of the Castle Triathlon Series. Susie Gwyn-Jones, owner of Lough Cutra Castle commented "We are delighted to welcome another international event to Lough Cutra Castle and are confident Run or Dye will be a great success as well as having a positive impact on the local community.”

Run or Dye is the fun way to run and takes place in 150 locations around the world where thousands of participants line up, many wearing all white or clad head to toe in fancy dress, ready to take on the 5 kilometre challenge. Rumours are a few wedding dresses have been seen at Run or Dye before!

As participants walk, run, or dance through the 5km course, volunteers shower them with custom-coloured cascades of safe, eco-friendly cornstarch dye at five Dye Stations. After they cross the finish line everyone can take part in the Run or Dye world-famous Dye Festival where they “Tie-Dye the Sky" with an explosion of colours.

“Our core message is that love changes the world, and the color we use at our runs is a powerful symbol of that,” said Viral Events founder and CEO Jake Ackerman. “We are delighted to be in partnership with Castle Triathlon Series. Their organization has produced some of the most organized and successful triathlon events around.”

Brian Adcock is the founder of Castle Triathlon Series ad he says, “Giving people a reason to get out get fit and live life to its fullest has always been our mission. I never imagined we’d expand our reach by throwing colored powder at them – but when we had the chance to work with Run or Dye we decided to see where it would lead and the reception has been fantastic. For us to share this unique experience and bring so many people to the world’s most colourful 5K throughout Ireland and the UK is brilliant. Our goal is to make these events an annual tradition.”

Run or Dye draws its inspiration from the ancient Hindu festival of Holi, also known as the “Festival of Colours.” During the Holi Festival, people gather, sing, dance, play, chase and colour one another with powder to celebrate the triumph of good over bad, bridge social gaps and renew sweet relationships. In the same fashion the Give Love World Tour aims to encourage its participants to celebrate life, friendship, fitness and fun in full colour.

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