Acupressure — needle free therapy helps energy flow freely

Acupressure is a Chinese method of healing that has been practised for some 3,000 years and which works on the meridians, energy channels that run in a network through the body. In a healthy body, the ‘chi’, or essential energy, flows freely and evenly through the meridians. When blockages occur, the body becomes unbalanced, chi is trapped, and disease occurs.

This network contains key pressure points that can be worked on to release blockages and restore the body to its natural balance.

Acupressure is an excellent needle-free way to relax the mind, body, and spirit. It enhances general health and vitality by easing tension in muscles, joints, and meridian points. It improves circulation, helps lymphatic drainage, and tones the body. It is not only effective in healing and dispelling of pain in conditions such as back and joint pain, but also in treating fatigue, insomnia, and for beauty therapy. The practitioner massages these points, using only the thumbs, to either increase or decrease the flow of energy and thereby restore the body to health.

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