'Retro Spectre': a Francis Quinn exhibition at Custom House Studios

Custom House Studios at Westport Quay will host 'Retro Spectre', an exhibition by artist Francis Quinn, opening on Thursday February 25 at 7.30 pm.

Francis Quinn believes the creative process to be a space that allows for an unearthing of our primal desires and motivations. He believes art acknowledges that nothing is ever finished; everything can be reappropriated, reimagined and given new meaning. The idea dictates the medium and technique and through exploiting a multitude of approaches he remains open to new ideas and solutions.

One of Quinn's main motivating factors is to execute projects whereby the space and audience impact on the outcome of the exhibition in meaningful, tangible, ways. Site specificity and a multimedia expression of ideas form the fundamental root of his practise.

The purification of a substance by successive and meticulous manual manipulation and an obsessive immersion in these materials has resulted in a large, diverse, body of work comprising oil paintings, sculptures, drawings, animations, and zines.

A playful quality finds its way into his entire output, which Quinn hopes will give the viewer a momentary escape from reality. Plundering his childhood experiences, the history of art and cultural iconography, his work constantly questions the ideologies he has unwittingly grown into.

The exhibition will run every day from Thursday February 25 until Sunday March 20.



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