Saturday Forum debates the other side of Christmas on CRC FM

This week’s edition of the CRC 102.9fm current affairs programme Saturday Forum, which will be broadcast tomorrow December 12, will feature a debate on a side of Christmas which most of us, fortunately, never experience. For many people Christmas is a time of plenty, a time of joy and happiness, a time to celebrate and share gifts and glad tidings with our loved ones. But there are others for whom Christmas is a time of great worry and stress, a time when concerns about money and the basic necessities of life come to the fore.

The current economic downturn and worldwide credit crunch have had a devastating impact on all sections of society but the disadvantaged have suffered more than most. To help deal with these issues, and more, organisations that are devoted to offering advice and practical support are represented on the show.

Presenter Stephen Burns will have as his guests Teresa Carney (Citizens Information Centre ), Assumpta Walsh (Castlebar Social Services ), Martin Waters (Society of Saint Vincent de Paul ), and John Bourke (Castlebar Credit Union ). The hour-long programme will be broadcast live tomorrow Saturday from 11.30am and listeners are invited to contact CRC with their comments or questions on (094 ) 9025555, the text number is (087 ) 9350043 and the e-mail address is [email protected].


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