Lack of footpath to Foxford station described as ‘Third World’

Cllr Neil Cruise

Cllr Neil Cruise

The lack of a proper footpath to Foxford train station was described as “Third World stuff” this week by a councillor at the February meeting of the Ballina Municipal District.

Fine Gael councillor Neil Cruise proposed that the council carry out work on putting in place a proper footpath as soon as possible. He said: “A project that is shovel ready for the community involvement scheme, that’s a footpath to the [train] station in Foxford, there have been fatalities on that stretch of road. It is the only station that does not have a lit path running to it in the county, it’s Third World stuff and we need to address that now, and I think we have as good an opportunity as any to pick one or two projects and get community involvement and we could advance them and resolve a very serious issue.”

Cllr Cruise’s call was supported by numerous councillors at the meeting, with the chairperson of the Municipal District, Cllr Seamus Weir, saying: “I totally support that station footpath in Foxford, it’s something that needs to be done. People have to be able to walk out safely from that station, it’s badly needed.”


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