Free hearing clinic to visit Mayo

Hidden Hearing’s mobile clinic will be in Mayo next week, visiting SuperValu in Achill on Thursday November 20 from 9.30 am to 4.30 pm.

A visit to the mobile clinic is a great opportunity to find out if you are suffering from hearing loss and more importantly, do something positive about it.

The screenings are free of charge and the hearing clinic is a fully functional modern facility, equipped with the latest audiological technology and staffed by highly trained experts.

The mobile clinic features testing equipment which can pinpoint exactly what frequencies a person is missing.

Hidden Hearing audiologist Dolores Madden, said the mobile clinics are about encouraging people to adopt a proactive approach to their hearing health.

“A major factor in hearing loss is that there’s often a significant delay from the time people first notice problems with their hearing until they take action – sometimes this can be up to 15 years,” she outlined.

“Our research shows that hearing loss which isn’t addressed can impact on people socially and in the workplace. It’s important if you notice issues with your hearing that you address the problem early and take positive action.

“The mobile clinic is a modern facility which provides a convenient and easy way for the people of Mayo and further afield to get their hearing checked. There is no requirement to book an appointment. Just drop in and avail of a convenient consultation free of charge.”

Visit for more information.


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