Westport area councillors ask that overgrowth on roads be trimmed

Westport electoral area councillors stated at their meeting on Monday that the weeds, bushes, and hedge growth which is on the verge of roads need to be dealt with immediately as it is making driving on roads dangerous.

Councillor Austin Francis O’Malley raised the problem about hedge cutting as the roads out Louisburgh way are “in a terrible condition” from hedge overgrowth.

Cllr John O’Malley said that the overgrown bushes and weeds on the road are “an awful problem” at the moment. The Fine Gael councillor said that they as a council should request the Government to go to Europe and bring a delegation from there here as we should be allowed to trim the verges of roads during the summer. He said that by getting rid of weeds they are not touching the wildlife. “We should be fit to cut the edges of the roads as it is causing an awful lot of grief to people.”

Cllr Margaret Adams hoped that the hedges on the Carrabaun and Glenhest roads are cut as the councillor knows of cars in the Glenhest area damaged by this overgrowth.

Senior engineer, Padraic Walsh said that as soon as it is permitted by law to tackle the hedges that the council will commence works.



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