Community service for man who broke house windows and hit woman on head

A 22-year-old man was before Ballina District Court on Tuesday where he was sentenced to community service for assault and for criminal damage.

At a previous court sitting it was outlined that Martina Collins, 26 Tyrawley Terrace, Ballina, told the court that she was in her home on April 24 2012 when at 9pm she heard two loud bangs. She thought it was her chimney collapsing and went to the front door where she saw Christy Collins, 17 Fenian Row, Ballina, outside. Mrs Collins said that he had a stone in his hand and was breaking the bay windows. She said she asked him what was going on and he gave her a thump to the side of her head with his fist. She said that Collins used language at her and then got a stone which he then flung at her hip. Mrs Collins said that she shouted at him that she was calling the gardaí and a struggle ensued at the door as the defendant tried to get in, however Mrs Collins locked the door. Her husband and daughter soon arrived home and the gardaí were called.

Garda Adrian Kearins said that he went to the scene at 9.45pm where he observed that three bay windows were damaged and there was also damage to the door and there was a block located near the door. Total damage was estimated at €1,100.

Collins told the court that an incident occurred at a family wedding earlier that day between the daughter of Mrs Collins—Regina—and his sister Lorena. He said that his sister called to the Collins’ house and he followed. He denied ever having a stone in his hand or assaulting Mrs Collins. He said that the husband of Mrs Collins —John—was at the house and he threw a shovel at him and his sister, before his sister threw the shovel back at the house which may have caused the damage.

Lorena Collins said that she went to the house to find out why there was an incident between her and Regina earlier that day. She said that John threw a shovel at her and she threw it back and heard glass break.

Collins, has 15 previous convictions.

Judge Denis McLoughlin was satisfied that Collins broke the windows and assaulted her, and he adjourned the case to September 10 for a probation report to see if he is suitable for community service. If he is he will complete 180 hours of community service in lieu of six months in prison. Compensation of €1,100 is also to be paid.

At Tuesday’s court it was heard that compensation has been paid and a probation report indicates that Collins is suitable for community service. Judge Mary Devins convicted and sentenced him to 180 hours community service in lieu of six months in prison.



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