Let’s be happy all year round

Life can be tough. And the rain doesn’t help. You get caught up in the merry-go-round that is work, bills, work some more, and hopefully have a bit left aside for some leisure activities. That’s if you have a job. But it’s not easy whether you are working or not these days. Then again no one ever said that it would be. That’s why it is important to take time to enjoy life too. And the fine weather has given us plenty of opportunity to do just that.

You don’t always need to have your hand in your pocket and when the sun shines it gives us a great opportunity to get outdoors and enjoy being in each other’s company.

One thing that is strikingly obvious about this kind of weather is that with it comes a sort of equality in society. Let me explain. You either love it or hate it, revel in it or hide from it. Money or social status plays no part in this. But more importantly everyone looks the same or similar. When you see two families on the beach enjoying some down time and laughing and joking, usually there is very little about their behaviour and appearance that would distinguish them as someone with a lot in the bank or nothing.

The dress code is much simpler and because this beautiful weather only comes around once in a blue moon we tend not to invest too much in our summer wardrobe. Sandals, shorts and a T-shirt are the main wardrobe staples accessorised by a pair of sunglasses and a bottle of water. And hey presto, you are beach ready.

If it’s a barbecue at home you are organising you don’t need the latest gadgetry or high tech equipment to feed the masses. Just cook the tea as normal and eat outside. Dining al fresco, it’s all about sharing, good company and fun times.

If you do own a barbecue then all the better, there have been some fantastic recipe ideas in the Mayo Advertiser’s food page from our food writer Mark Gallagher over the last number of weeks. You can check them out on our digital edition at www.advertiser.ie/mayo You don’t need to spend buckets of money to enjoy this warmer climate. All you need is to bring family and friends together, move your living outside and kick back and relax in each other’s company.

Don’t stress that you haven’t a pair of Gucci sunglasses. Who cares? You can get some really fashionable pairs from all the high street stores.

The only added cost should be the petrol to take you to the beach, besides that go with the flow. The housework will be there when the rain returns. God knows we had two days of it this week so we’re ready to return to the back garden or nearby beach.

Just please pay heed to water safety advice and warnings. The death toll due to water related incidents this summer has been way too high and devastating for the families and communities affected.

Thankfully, since the sun has made an appearance, there has been a lot less talk about the economy and the Anglo tapes - remember them? It’s true that today’s news is tomorrow’s chip wrapping and that’s no loss in many cases. When we focus on the positives in life it’s a welcome break from worrying about those things that are outside our control. The lesson really is simple, if we can focus on being happy when the sun shines, maybe we should make more of an effort all year round.


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