What justice is sufficient for such a heinous crime?

The people of Castlebar are showing their solidarity against the brutal and awful murder of two of the town’s much loved gentlemen.

Jack and Tom Blaine were well-known men who lived simple lives and minded their own business.

They enjoyed a cup of coffee in their friend Rocky Moran’s pub. They went to Mass. Their home help assistant called regularly to check up on the brothers.

But they were taken from this life so cruelly. Innocently going about their business one minute, the next murdered, dead and abandoned.

Nothing in the recent past has affected the people of Castlebar and surrounding areas like this heinous crime. Senseless, sick, unnecessary, and for what?

People want answers. They want the perpetrator or perpetrators brought to justice.

An appeal went out on Facebook this week for everyone in the town to remember these kind souls by attending their funeral. The Crimlin natives are expected to be laid to rest over the weekend but funeral arrangements have yet to be announced.

The Mayo Roscommon Hospice Memorial Walk due to take place on Sunday has been postponed for one hour and will now depart SuperValu at 3pm instead of 2pm. Walkers will pause respectfully outside the Blaine brothers’ home on New Antrim Street.

Two local authority meetings in Castlebar were adjourned as a mark of respect yesterday - the Castlebar Electoral Area Committee meeting and Castlebar Town council.

Following Castlebar Town Council’s adjourned monthly meeting last night (Thursday ) councillors laid a wreath at the house on behalf of the people of Castlebar. A book of condolences was also opened and is being looked after by Rocky Moran.

What started out as sadness and shock on Wednesday morning as the news of this awful tragedy spread, soon turned to anger as more information became available about the Blaine brothers’ final hours.

An Taoiseach Enda Kenny was quick to comment about the death of two men he knew so well. He described it as a “brutal and savage murder”. The crime happened only doors away from the Taoiseach’s constituency office in the centre of Castlebar.

On a quiet Tuesday night in the west of Ireland you would expect to be safe in your own home. Thankfully big brother was watching and has assisted gardaí in making an arrest as well as the many witnesses who came forward with information. Justice must be served. May they rest in peace


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