Pearls - never out of style

“What jewellery should I own?” is one of the questions I'm constantly asked, so I decided to talk about my favourite jewels, which I think are always right for every taste, job, industry or occasion: pearls.

Pearls never go out of style; they are available at every price; they don't have to be real and depending on how you wear or pair them, they can be sporty or dressy. Not alone these great reasons, but they also flatter every skin tone, come in all sizes and lengths and are extremely versatile.

I received my first pair of cultured pearls when I was 21. Because I viewed them as special, I rarely wore them, and that was a shame because pearls become more lustrous with wear. Many years later I began treating them less reverently. I would pile faux pearls on and wear my real pearls with them. I often still do that, varying the lengths and sizes, even mixing them with gold chains or lengths of chain and other stones.

Pearl ideas

Because a single short strand of pearls looks very ingenue-ish, it can age anyone over 35, unless the pearls themselves are big (14 millimetre plus ), gorgeous and real.

The smaller the pearl, the more strands you need for impact.

For a tailored yet sophisticated look, fill in the neckline of a shirt with several graduated strands of pearls. Your silhouette will appear longer and leaner with lots of very long strands of pearls, which can be mixed with chains.

Add drama and interest to pearls by clipping a pendant or a brooch on to one of the strands. Use a brooch to shorten a strand of pearls. Determine the length you want your pearls to be and place the pin horizontally across the space between the pearls on both sides.

Select white, grey or blush pearls if you have a cool complexion and creamy, golden or peachy pearls if your complexion is warm.

And remember, you can wear any earring—gold, silver, stone or pearl—with pearls. They don't have to match.


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