Barrett forces issue on Lakeview estate

Labour Councillor Harry Barrett has welcomed the actions of Castlebar Town Council, which has served a dangerous area notice, relating to an unfenced stream located at Lakeview in Castlebar. Barrett had shown pictures of the stream at the April meeting of the local authority and had informed members that a four-year-old child had had a lucky escape after falling in, a number of months ago.

Barrett stated, “I had demanded strong action on this issue and I must commend the manager for going the legal route in this case. I was shocked to hear that a child was nearly lost in this stream and, when I visited the site, I was shocked again to see the depth of water involved and the unprotected nature of the stream. The receiver appointed to deal with Kamer Construction, which built the site has now been served with a serious legal notice to deal with this obvious health and safety issue. There will be heavy consequences if this issue is not immediately remediated, and I will be meeting with the manager on a weekly basis to find out the progress being made to make the estate safe for the children of Lakeview.”


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