Castlebar needs action on static jobs numbers — Barrett

Councillor Harry Barrett has welcomed the slight fall in the live register in Castlebar, but cautions that much more needs to be done to tackle the jobs crisis in the county town.

Figures produced by the CSO last week show that 2,312 people in Castlebar were on the live register in October. This compares to 2,337 people in October 2012, a reduction of just 25 people.

Cllr Barrett states: “While the overall amount of people out of work is still way too high in Castlebar, the figure shows that local unemployment numbers are on a downward path and I welcome this. However, much, much, more needs to be done to address the jobs crisis in Castlebar. The town needs to get back to production and An Taoiseach, and his colleagues must wield the power given to them by the people of this county to locate industry in this town again.”

Cllr Barrett is calling again on An Taoiseach to meet the sub committee from Castlebar Town Council, chosen over a year ago, “to discuss ways in which Castlebar can get production and industry back into the town again so that we can make a serious dent in these figures.”


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