Hypnotherapy and holistic health

Problems in human beings do not necessarily emerge overnight. They tend to evolve over time. Unresolved emotions or feelings from long ago which have slipped from conscious into subconscious memory, all may have an impact.

Childhood trauma, stressful relationships, work issues, bereavement, divorce, and sudden shocks all can have an impact on the whole that is an individual human being.

When problems do occur many people tend to assume that they will just go away as the body has its own innate healing processes. All will be well, they think if they ignore things. But if you overlook problems they may manifest themselves in physical ills - frequent colds, headaches, stomach disorder, etc. These physical reactions may be signals that your body is sending out to tell you that all is not well. It is important to take notice of these signals; to ignore the possibility that something is wrong could mean that more serious problems develop later on.

In holistic health a symptom is considered to be a message that something is wrong below the surface. It seeks to find the root cause and when that is found to give attention and care so that a healing process can be started.

As part of that process holistic health aims to create a positive state of mind.

Hypnotherapy is a highly effectively therapy in the creation of emotional wellbeing. For an appointment contact Michael McGuinness at Mayo Hypnosis Clinic, telephone 094 906 0226 or 086 161 2301 or log onto www.mayohypnosis.ie


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