Help Mischa walk

Mischa Gleeson (aged six ) from Louisburgh is just like all other little girls her age, she loves to play and have fun. But Mischa has spastic diplegia cerebral palsy which restricts her movement and makes her muscles tight which makes it impossible for her to walk like other children her age. Fortunately Mischa has just been accepted to have an operation. The selective dorsal rhizotomy operation involves cutting the nerves at the base of Mischa's spine that cause the abnormal tone in her legs. This will permanently reduce the spasticity in Mischa's lower limbs, improving her sitting and standing postures significantly.

The hospital in Washington University School of Medicine in St Louis, Missouri, has been performing successful operations on children for some time now, however it will cost more than €60,000 for the operation and travel. An Ulster Bank account for fundraising has been set up—account number (10266153 ), sort code (986430 ), and anyone interested in donating or helping with fundraising can contact [email protected]


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