Protect your children’s teeth with a custom fitted mouthguard

As we all know, kids will be kids and they feel invincible. However, statistics tell us that one in four children do damage to their front teeth.

Follow these eight steps when your child’s teeth are damaged.

Step 1: Look for signs of bleeding to lips, gums, nose. In case of a serious accident always ring the ambulance.

Step 2: Although initially everything tends to hurt after a blow, do assess what their teeth and surrounding tissues look like. Often the lower lip gets cut.

Step 3: Has the tooth moved from its original position?

Step 4: Call your dentist immediately if the teeth are damaged.

Step 5: If there is no blood and the teeth appear solid and your child is over six years of age, treatment can be postponed a few days until the swelling or bruising has gone down.

Step 6: If the tooth is an adult tooth and has been pushed out completely it can be re-implanted if you can do this within 30 minutes. Ring your dentist immediately or visit the local hospital.

Step 7: Go to your local pharmacist and ask for Arnica 30C homeopathic remedy rescue remedy is a great essence to help with the bruising and distress. This is for both of you!

Step 8: Check if your child has had a recent tetanus injection. If not get one.

All children engaged in contact sports need to wear a custom fitted mouthguard. The Ishsko Centre, Westport, offers OPRO mouthguards which are comfortable to wear and fitted with a name ID label. Insurance is included in the cost. Call 098 26200, email [email protected]


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