CherryActive—the natural catalyst for sports performance

CherryActive is taken by pro and amateur athletes and fitness enthusiasts, serious about getting the most out of their training programmes. CherryActive has been shown to speed up recovery after workouts and training session, helping take your fitness training and sports performance to the next level.

CherryActive products are made from antioxidant-rich cherries, packed full of powerful, natural, compounds that help muscles recover after tough workouts, mop up damaging free radicals, and help maintain healthy sleep patterns.

Rapid recovery from exercise can get you back to your training sooner and help you push yourself that bit harder, leading to rapid gains in your performance.

Recent research by the Human Performance Centre at London South Bank University investigated the effects of CherryActive concentrate on the recovery of well-trained athletes.

The results showed that intense exercise recovery of muscle function was significantly faster when participants were taking CherryActive. Muscle strength returned to 91 per cent of original maximum strength within 24 hours - and less muscle soreness was reported.

Regular training produces an increase in free radicals - harmful compounds that contribute to muscle cell damage and a weakened immune system. This cellular damage can be reduced through an increased intake of antioxidants, which mop up free radicals.

CherryActive concentrate and capsules are made from 100 per cent Montmorency cherries, a natural source of melatonin - a compound well-documented to help support your body's natural sleep cycles.

CherryActive is available from Henaghan’s Health Food Centre, Ellison Street, Castlebar. Phone: 094 902 7460.


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