Food allergy testing in ISHSKO Centre, Westport

Do you feel bloated after eating certain foods? Are you tired or out of breath at certain times of the day? Do you find you cannot lose weight, and suffer headaches for no apparent reason? If so, you may suffer the symptoms of food intolerances.

The ISHSKO Centre, Barrack Yard, Westport, defines allergy/toxicity liberally. There are four reactions that are included in their definition and guide tour testing. They look at the following responses: the immune system antigen-antibody related allergic reaction; intolerance to the biochemical by-products caused by the digestion of the substance; the body’s self-regulatory biofeedback system is stressed by the allergen; strong emotional stress reactions to food or environmental toxic substances.

When testing for allergies, everything that enters or is present in a client’s mouth should be checked. This includes all foods, drinks, vitamins, medication, and dental materials. It also includes cosmetics. They also consider airborne allergens and clients need to be aware of houseplants, smoke, paints, etc.

When testing for foods, experience shows that people usually have one, two, or three at the most true major food allergies. Clinical experience has shown that reactions to more than six major groups shows that the body has an underlying priority stress that needs to be dealt with first.

The autonomic response testing technique at the ISHSKO Centre will address the body as a whole and will test for the most typical factors that cause inflammation and block proper digestion. A detailed nutritional protocol report is made to help you get back to health.

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