The benefits of Indian head massage

Indian head massage has many benefits for physical and emotional health. Regular massage helps reduce stress, aids relaxation, improves blood circulation, relaxes muscles, improves sleep, improves hair condition, and helps relieve sinusitis. Massage therapists do not diagnose medical problems and massage does not replace the need for medical attention.

Massage increases relaxation and feelings of wellbeing, calm, contentment, and happiness. This calms the body’s stress levels, promotes sleep, and helps relieve insomnia. Massage increases blood circulation to the head, neck, and shoulders bringing extra oxygen and nutrients. This helps to improve the condition of the skin and to stimulate hair growth. It also helps ease mental fatigue and improve concentration.

Massage relieves muscular tension such as eyestrain, tension headaches, and tense shoulders and neck. It also assists in helping the body to get rid of toxins and other waste products. Increased blood circulation to the muscles brings extra oxygen and nutrients that can help relieve stiffness in the neck and shoulders.

Tracy’s Mobile Massage offers a mobile Indian head massage service in Castlebar and surrounding towns within a 30 mile radius. Tracy offers individual appointments, pamper parties, and gift vouchers from Monday to Saturday. She also holds workshops on Indian head massage techniques for home use and stress management.

For more information about prices, areas covered, opening hours, benefits, workshops and pamper parties, visit Ring Tracy on 086 220 2734 or 094 903 8976 to book your massage today.


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