Enhance sports performance with salt therapy

Salt therapy can dramatically enhance sports performance which can help improve lung function and is believed to increase lung capacity and stamina. If you want to improve your sports performance, visit Mayo’s first salt therapy spa at Diamond’s Car Park, Ballina.

Salt therapy for sports performance enhancement can help you get that edge over the competition. The primary goal of every athlete is to achieve their absolute maximum potential. One of the most important determinants of whether this is possible is to improve their breathing pattern.

There are several known respiratory conditions and pulmonary limitations that affect athletes. These include air flow obstruction, which leads to a reduction in performance increased bronchial responsiveness; exposure to airborne allergens and other unwanted inhaled particles, and respiratory illnesses and conditions such as asthma, allergies and airway inflammation.

Dry saline aerosol inhalation treatment may successfully address the needs of an athlete by: clearing mucus from the airways, thus removing airflow obstruction; providing anti-inflammatory and bacterial effects; reducing bronchial hyper responsiveness; and helping to clear unwanted inhaled particles from lungs.

Salt therapy is 100 per cent drug free and is a scientifically proven treatment for respiratory and skin conditions.

When you are an athlete, every advantage counts, so make an appointment with Western Salt Therapy Spa, Diamond’s Car Park, Ballina. Phone 096 73587.


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