Mayo households must be given water meter options

Fianna Fáil TD Dara Calleary has said households in Co Mayo and across the country should be given the option of getting approved water meters installed themselves, instead of paying the exorbitant fee of €800 over 20 years.

Dep Calleary said: “The suppliers themselves cannot understand how meters and installation will cost this much. I have spoken to local suppliers who have confirmed that all of the hardware required for installation costs less than €100. One major national supplier has said the meter itself and the work to install it could be done privately for less than €300. Allowing people to opt for local private installation will not only cost them much less, it will keep the jobs in Co Mayo.

“I am asking Minister Hogan to clarify urgently if households will be given the choice to have standard, approved, meters fitted themselves instead of paying a fee of €40 a year amounting to an overall bill of €800. Will these people be exempt from the €40 annual fee?

“Minister Hogan must be fair, honest and upfront with households on this occasion,” said Deputy Calleary.

Sinn Féin councillor Rose Conway-Walsh has challenged the Government decision to establish Irish Water.

Cllr Conway-Walsh said: “This Government continues to spin myths about water charges and water meters. The introduction of water meters and water charges has more to do with setting up the water sector for privatisation and nothing to do with water conservation. Water meters and charges will be resisted every inch of the way by Sinn Féin.”


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