Man had two front teeth knocked out in brawl

A man who was drinking at the canal in Ballina had two of his front teeth knocked out following an altercation with a friend, Ballina District Court heard on Tuesday.

Mr Jason Moran outlined that on September 14 2011, he along with a number of people including Raymond Langdon, 66 St Patrick’s Estate, Ballina went to Canalside, Ballina, where they drank alcohol.

Mr Moran said that he asked Langdon about hacked Facebook comments which were posted about Mr Moran. According to Mr Moran, Langdon started throwing punches, which Mr Moran avoided. Mr Moran said that he had a grip on Langdon when the defendant headbutted him which knocked out Mr Moran’s two front teeth.

Solicitor for Langdon, John Gordon, said that his client denies headbutting Mr Moran and said that Landgon thumped Mr Moran after two to three swings were made at him by Mr Moran.

Witnesses for the prosecution, David Langdon, Edward Ginnelly, and Shane Muldoon all claimed that they saw Mr Moran swing at Langdon first, and saw Landgon hit — not headbutt— Mr Moran only once.

Due to this conflict in evidence from the State witnesses Judge Mary Devins dismissed the case.


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