Self-help programme for cancer survivors in Mayo

A home-based intervention developed by St James’s Hospital and the Regional Oncology Programme Office, Dublin, to help cancer survivors manage cancer related fatigue, one of the most common, distressing, and disabling difficulties people face after cancer treatment, has now been made available to patients by Roche Products (Ireland ) Ltd in Mayo General Hospital.

Entitled Understanding and Managing Persistent Cancer-Related Fatigue, the easy-to-use innovative manual and accompanying DVD, is structured on cognitive behavioural therapy techniques and is made up of eight different chapters tackling issues such as inactivity, low mood, sleep problems, worry, and reclaiming life after cancer.

Persistent cancer-related fatigue does require multi-disciplinary support, therefore the programme is only recommended for patients who are disease free and who have finished their treatment for cancer at least six months. Further information on the programme is available on 01 645 2946.



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