Beauty tips from Petals

Trish Doherty from Petals Hair and Beauty in Westport answers hair questions.

Q Help! I want to grow my hair longer, but my ends are really damaged and split, do I really, really need to have them cut?

A At least every five or six weeks have a trim, ask your stylist to take the minimum amount off — about a quarter of an inch — just enough to make your hair look healthy.

Between regular trims it’s your job to keep your hair as strong as possible by using a good weekly conditioning mask—try Masque Force Architecte from Kérastase.

For daily use try Bain de Force shampoo and Ciment Anti Usure conditioner , which will reinforce damaged and weakened hair. If you blow-dry, use a low setting on your hair dryer and always use a heat protector. Try the Kérastase Ciment Thermique before you blow-dry for extra protection.

Q My red hair colour fades very fast, how can I prevent this?

A Red hair colour is usually the fastest to fade. Always use a good salon colour saver shampoo and conditioner — try Aveda Colour Conserve shampoo, conditioner and heat protector (too much heat will also fade reds ).

Aveda also have an excellent range of tinted shampoos for coloured hair. You should use the Madder Root shampoo and conditioner every second shampoo, alternating with the Colour Conserve range. It is also a good idea (especially for red hair colours ) to have a refresh service in between colours. Try a Symbio you will find this in a good L’Oreál salon.

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