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Stress, anxiety, worry, sleep difficulties are common concerns in today’s society. Amanda Walsh at Northwest Therapy and Hypnosis, takes an evidenced based approach; combining cognitive behavioural therapy and clinical hypnotherapy. This integration, referred to as cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy (CBH ), uncovered as one of the most evidence based therapeutic interventions, is available today in the field of psychology and psychotherapy.

The therapy can be used effectively on a vast range of different issues: breaking habits (smoking, nail-biting, etc ); weight reduction, developing self-confidence, enhancing performance (exams, interviews, driving test, etc ); improving motivation, concentration and learning; reducing anxiety, stress, sleep difficulties; overcoming fears and phobias.

What do you think it might be like to achieve long-term change, regarding the difficulty you are experiencing? Amanda Walsh explains: “A substantial proportion of our thinking is repeated automatically without reflection, much of which is negative and inaccurate, causing distress and maintaining unhealthy habits. Research has disclosed the significant impact one’s mind-set has on emotions and behaviour. Through therapy, one is aided in obtaining freedom and choices in thoughts, feelings, and behaviour, with the potential for life changing consequences.”

CBH is one of the most effective treatments for anxiety, stress, panic attacks, and social anxiety. Undoubtedly, learning to manage stress and anxiety are valuable life skills, enhancing well-being, contentment, and fulfilment.

Although it may feel difficult to take that first step, therapy can offer you the chance to overcome difficulties leading to a more rewarding, satisfying, life.

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