Revive Q10 Plus — the only pure cardiovascular food supplement on the market

Revive Q10 Plus is an advanced health food supplement which brings together a unique combination of nutrients known individually to promote cardiovascular wellbeing. The experts have developed a formulation of 28 of the finest ingredients, expertly blended to enable you to begin each day with an infusion of soluble goodness. This antioxidant food supplement is available to replenish your depleted resources.

Researchers have carefully researched and measured a combination of nutrients to aid and fortify you on your journey in a convenient and pleasant supplement that looks and tastes like orange juice. The unique formula is a good source of water-soluble and some fat-soluble vitamins. It is rich in trace elements but contains no iron. It is recommended that you take one sachet each morning before breakfast.

No matter what your age, you have the power to change many of the variables that influence how long you live, and how active and vital you feel in your later years.

Now available at Staunton’s Health Links and Staunton’s Pharmacy Main Street, Castlebar.



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