Spring clean your digestive health

As spring officially begins this month, it is the perfect time to reassess your dietary habits following the cold winter months. To encourage a healthy lifestyle mindset, Danone Ireland has issued some simple tips on helping to maintain good digestive health for the coming year:

Much of the dietary fibre is in the peel or just under the skin of fruit and vegetables, so scrub rather than peel your fruit and vegetables – and try to eat at least five portions a day.

Switch from white rice to brown rice, white pasta to brown pasta, and try to avoid white bread.

Danone Activia Fibres yogurts are a tasty source of fibre, so boost your fibre intake by snacking on one or two of these during the day.

Add a spoon of seeds, such as linseed, to your bowl of cereal or fruit for a fibre hit.

Always drink plenty of water, especially when increasing your fibre intake. Water is needed to help bulk up fibre so it can pass easily through the body.

According to Kellie O’Connor, nutritionist, Danone Ireland: “By increasing your fibre intake, eating seasonal foods and including probiotic yogurts in your diet everyday such as Danone Activia, I think many people will be surprised at how easily they can make healthier changes to their lifestyle. Improving your digestive health definitely doesn’t have to mean sacrificing on taste. As with all dietary changes, it is important to introduce these changes gradually.”



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