Council preparing to take away takeaway

Castlebar Town Council is preparing to take enforcement proceedings against a take away in the town which is not complying with planning permission.

The issue was raised by Independent Cllr Michael Kilcoyne at a meeting of the Castlebar Joint Policing Committee. He told the meeting that, “there is one particular take away which was operating without planning permission before, they have applied for it and were granted it and now they are still operating outside of the what the permission granted which said it had to close at 12pm.

“It’s one thing where we were looking for the good will of the operators of some takeaways which have open ended opening hours in their planning permission but this one is just breaching it.” Town Engineer Sean Higgins told the meeting that, “we have visited the site after the hours of the permission and we have the evidence now to bring it on further.” “There is an enforcement order ready to go on it.”


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