Mayo County Council union reps criticised

Union representatives in Mayo County Council were criticised by Councillor Peter Flynn, who described these representatives as “unrealistic”.

The Fine Gael Cllr made his comments during the Westport Electoral Area meeting on Monday, after director of services Joe Beirne said that there is a ban on overtime. This issue was raised when queried about whether road workers could work overtime to complete roadworks.

Mr Beirne said that it has been put to the workers unions that a flexible working day could be put in place to maximise productivity.

Cllr Flynn said that “one of the pillars” of the Croke Park agreements is that of flexible working hours as part of the freeze on pay cuts, which is “not an unreasonable request”.

The Westport Cllr said that some union representatives in Mayo County Council “are off the wall” and “unrealistic” and “continue to beat a drum which has long gone”.


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