Healthy bodies and top health tips at Curves

At Curves ladies only gym and health centre, top advice on nutrition as well as exercise is always at your fingertips. Here are some tips:

Enjoy your glass of Pinot

Good quality wine, in moderation, provides excellent medicine. While all red wines contain resveratrol, an antioxidant found in the skin of red grapes that can help ward off everything from cancer to heart attacks.

Green tea

Green tea is hailed as the best natural drink to boost your health. Research shows that drinking good quality green tea can prevent incidences of cancer by over 50 per cent.

Healing herbals

Herbal and fruit teas are not only refreshing, caffeine-free alternatives, they also carry healing health benefits. Teas which are recommended are: Camomile, Dandelion, Ginger and Lemon balm.

Healthy food choices

Better burgers —a study that compared grass-fed cattle to grain-fed cattle found that the former had higher levels of two types of healthy fat.

Better salad — toss in some olive oil, nuts, or avocado slices with lettuce. These mix-ins increase your body’s ability to absorb the disease-fighting compounds in salad greens.

Better melon — store uncut watermelon at room temperature to increase the fruit’s lycopene and beta-carotene content.

Better tacos — take tacos to the next level by using whole-grain tortillas for the shells and filling them with slices of grilled lean pork tenderloin or grilled fish.

Better potato salad — use a mix of white and sweet potatoes to get more nutrients.

To follow all of those health choices visit Curves and check out the 30 days Weight Management Plan and Nutrition program. Call them today on 094 925 0805.



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