Ask the LighterLife expert

Q: Being on abstinence is making me irritable. I keep snapping at my children for no reason and my husband says I’m becoming a nightmare. I don't want to give up the programme but I don't want to hurt my loved ones either. Help!

A: It's as well to bear in mind that being overweight can really hurt you as well as those who care about you. So, what is it about abstinence that's annoying you? Perhaps you've put yourself in an “abstinence prison”, telling yourself all the things you can't do, should do, ought to do. When you see abstinence as imposed on you, then you're likely to feel angry and behave in a snappy, irritable fashion. Remember, feelings such as irritability are caused by the way you think. The good news is you're not doomed to feel irritable because you're abstinent, you can change how you see it and how you feel.

How about seeing it as your choice? Choose the “abstinence health farm” as a great detox, with like-minded people who can help you understand why you gained weight, support you while you lose weight, and enable you to gain strategies to manage your weight in a healthy way for the rest of your life.

Imagine all the things you'll be able to do as a slim, healthy woman. Thinking in this way will allow you to focus on achievements.

To contact your local LighterLife expert contact Margaret Fahy, Innovation House, Chapel Lane, Claremorris, on 094 937 7885.



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