Choose politicians who have a track record in defending the right to life

Dear Editor,


While the build-up to the forthcoming general election focuses on the facts, the outcome will be critical in determining the economic future of the country. Whether one chooses Labour left-wing or Fine Gael right-wing policies, your choice depends on which road you think will best lead to economic recovery. Economists continue to debate which is the best route, some of them pragmatists, others ideologues, but none who can claim to have the definitive answers. If economists don’t know, how can the average Joe Soap be expected to make that call?

This election can well be significant in determining the future for the children of Ireland, beyond their economic future, but whether they have a future at all. It is very likely that in the lifetime of the next government, whoever it is, whatever economic policies they pursue, whether we have growth or not, an Irish government will decide on the single most fundamental issue for the future children of Ireland, when they choose how they will legislate on abortion in Ireland.

While the average punter may not know which party offers the most relevant financial, economic, fiscal or whatever policy, some political parties are showing their true colours as to what fundamental values they do hold. While Fianna Fail and Fine Gael oscillate and vacillate on pinning their colours to a particular mast, the Labour Party has very much set out its stall as the party that will legislate to allow for abortion in Ireland. The party leader has been forthright in declaring that he will not protect the most vulnerable in society, while the Labour Party equality chairman Bernard Cantillon openly declares that he supports and wants abortion on demand in Ireland now. I wonder does Mr Cantillon even know what abortion on demand will mean? Has he sat down and learned what happens, what a partial-birth abortion is? Is he aware that almost 60 million children have died since the Roe v Wade case allowed for abortion in the United States? Does Eamon Gilmore realise that even limited, and what some misguidingly believe is compassionate abortion, destroys lives, and is the thin end of the wedge toward partial-birth abortion and worse? One needs to ask those that will legislate for this what their moral compass is. What are their guiding principles?

This is one issue one which anyone who cares about protecting the unborn child, who believes in the intrinsic, rather than instrumental value of life, as an end in itself, but not simply as a means to some other end, can have their say. Choose politicians who have a track record in defending the right to life, ask those who procrastinate to get off the fence, and tell those who may put party political allegiance to destructive policies ahead of conscientious upstanding that you will not support them unless they support the future children of Ireland, and the future of the children of Ireland.


Is mise;

Dualta Roughneen





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