Mayo farmers urged to speak out about agriculture policy

In association with the EU Commission, Agri Aware’s Farmers Play Your Part! CAP 2010 campaign is encouraging farmers to be the voice of the Common Agricultural Policy and inform the public how it provides for everybody.

Campaign organisers are urging that in light of the upcoming CAP 2013 reforms, it is vital the public is aware of how important the CAP is for them and their families. As it currently stands, the CAP guarantees that every Irish citizen has access to safe, quality, traceable food at all times, the campaign organisers state. Support from the CAP also allows farmers to produce the quality foodstuffs that Ireland is internationally renowned for and is a vital contributor to the one in seven Irish jobs that rely on agriculture. Furthermore, the CAP allows farmers to act as stewards of the countryside, not only protecting wildlife but maintaining waterways, hedgerows and mini-eco systems, allowing farming and nature to co-exist naturally together, campaigners said.

To help farmers fulfil their role in the campaign, Agri Aware has developed three key messages around food, the economy, and the environment.

An information booklet, website, and seminars will feature throughout the campaign and Agri Aware chairman Bernard Donohue highlighted that Agri Aware has also developed a set of communication tools to help farmers communicate the merits of the CAP in the most effective, understandable, way possible.



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