Business people welcomed to Mayo Advertiser marketing presentation

The Mayo Advertiser extends a warm welcome this week to all those participating in the Mayo Advertiser business-to-business marketing launch taking place in both Ballina and Castlebar.

The Ad Impact presentation by marketing guru Ariel Giusti of global media group NRS is designed to help companies grow their businesses to their greatest potential through strategic marketing and long-term planning.

Of 400 businesses contacted in the drive more than 200 have been selected to attend the presentations which are taking place over the course of three days from Tuesday June 29 to Thursday July 1.

“The goal is to help businesses to grow and retain customers,” explained Mayo Advertiser sales manager, Fergal O’Connor. “Even though many business people feel they offer a very good service or product they often find it difficult to get new customers and retain them.”

This is the third year for the Mayo Advertiser business-to-business event which in year one focused on growing your business; how to survive in business through the recession in year two; and this year the theme is on challenges facing businesses in Mayo specifically.

“We welcome all those attending our business seminar this week and are delighted that so many are taking the time to attend our presentation,” added Fergal O’Connor. “The reason we continue to stage this event every year is because we get such great feedback and the business people who follow our marketing strategy tell us they really see results.”

Practical lessons clients learn through the Mayo Advertiser Ad Impact programme include how to brand their business in a sustained way through marketing. “Having a consistent branding campaign is so much more effective than sporadic advertising here and there which has no focus,” added Mr O’Connor. “The Ad Impact programme gives businesses a plan, and if they follow it, business owners are sure to enjoy growth. Some have said it has been a lifeline for their business and tell us they couldn’t have survived without the programme. It gives them a marketing arm to do their business that they wouldn’t have otherwise just by themselves.”

Why should business people do their marketing through the Mayo Advertiser?

“The Mayo Advertiser is hugely effective for helping develop your business because it has the largest circulation of all newspapers in the region, at 21,000, and 63,000 readers every week, and has the widest spread,” Mr O’Connor explained. “As a free newspaper we are distributed to every town and village in the county and there are no barriers to getting it as it is delivered to people’s homes so they don’t have to think about whether to buy it or not. This means that business people are assured of getting their message out there to as large an audience as possible. Our online edition is also read each week by 75,000 readers and is an exact digital copy, including all advertisements as they appear in the paper, giving clients yet more opportunity to reach customers.”

The Mayo Advertiser marketing presentations will take place at Days Hotel in Castlebar and Hotel Ballina in Ballina, and are organised on an appointment basis.



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