Annual €1,000 property tax per household deemed ‘fair’

The author of the Government commissioned An Bord Snip report has suggested that a general tax of €1,000 per head would be a fair approach in relation to property taxing in Ireland.

Speaking on Breakfast with Claire Byrne and Ivan Yates on Newstalk 106-108 fm during the week, Colm McCarthy stated: “We’d be much better off with a regular annual tax on residential property rather than a huge and unstable once-off bill in the form of stamp duty,” and he added that a level of €1,000 a year for a typical household might be fair. He also pointed out that in regard to cutbacks supposedly being applied across the board, people on either State pensions or public service occupation pensions hadn’t had a finger laid on them yet and that there should be no issue about reducing such pension payments now.

“One area that hasn’t been looked at much yet is pensions. I include in that state pensions and the occupational pensions of retired public officials. There have been no changes there but those who rely on weekly social welfare payments, those who are currently employed in the public service, have all seen cuts. But those who are out on pension, either state pensions or public service occupation pensions haven’t had a finger laid on them yet”, he said.



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