Less stress and debt sought

n a recent survey Kenco discovered that 29 per cent of the Irish public have sobering financial worries. To launch its new eco-refill pack, which has 97 per cent less packaging weight, the coffee maker surveyed 500 people in an MRBI study to see what they would like 97 per cent less of. Most answers called for fewer bills, less stress, debt, work, and bankers. However 28 per cent said they were tired of negativity and bad news, especially from the media.

Out of those surveyed, 48 per cent feel pressure around them, stress in work and in everyday life, and they would like to ‘make it go away’ as there is a resounding need for happiness, relaxing, and fulfilling activities.

Over the coming month, Kenco is asking the public to share what they would like 97 per cent less of on www.97less.ie and will help realise one person’s ambition by giving €6,000 to make it happen.



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