Believe it and achieve it this spring

The Kingfisher Club can assist you in making exercise not only purse friendly, with membership starting from as little as €9 per week, but they have also introduced a special welcome pack worth over €200 that will help kick start your fitness regime. The fitness starter pack is available to the first 50 new members who sign up during the month of April to avail of free classes and personal training — so no more excuses.

By taking a closer look at the barriers that keep us glued to our couches, there is help for anyone out there who is struggling to overcome them.

‘Exercise is boring’

This is only the case if you choose boring activities. You wouldn’t wear the same clothes, or eat the same food every day, so if physical activity is as vital to our wellbeing as these things, why choose the same boring exercise?

Choose something you enjoy, whether it is a Kingfisher Zumba dance class, a kickboxing session, or having an experienced, highly qualified instructor provide you with a programme that is tailored to your individual likes and dislikes. By ensuring you vary your exercise routine you will avoid taking part in the same activity every single day. For example, your training programme may see you doing Monday night cardio sculpt class, Wednesday night a few laps of the pool, Friday afternoon a kickboxing class. This way, your mind stays motivated and your body remains challenged.

‘Exercise is too painful’ or ‘I’m afraid I’ll injure myself’

The old saying “no pain, no gain” is one that should be disregarded completely. Exercise does not and should not be overly painful to be beneficial and effective. Yes, it may be true that if you are training towards an elite level of fitness (such as an athlete or bodybuilder preparing for competition ), you will need to endure a high level of intensive training. However, for those of us who wish to exercise to achieve and retain general health and wellbeing, a moderate level of activity will suffice. Still, it is important that as fitness increases, the intensity of our workouts is increased also, to ensure that our bodies continue to respond to the activity. A good qualified experienced instructor will be able to provide a programme suited to your goals and adjust it according to increases in your fitness levels. At no stage during a workout should any pain be experienced, and if it is, the activity should be ceased immediately. The Kingfisher Club pride themselves on their professional and trained team who are on hand to help you achieve your goal.

The barriers mentioned above are only a few of those preventing us from engaging in regular physical activity, and I hope I have helped to show that there are many ways to overcome them. So next time the alarm goes off and you are tempted to put off your workout regime, remember all of the benefits of exercise awaiting you, pull on those trainers and get yourself to the Kingfisher Club and work towards achieving the optimal health, fitness and wellbeing you deserve.

Special offer

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