Protect your eyes this summer with Staunton’s exciting sunglasses range

Spring is definitely in the air and it is that time of year to consider buying sunglasses if you have not already done so.

Three things you should look for when buying sunglasses are good eye protection, comfort, and style.

Ultraviolet (UV ) eye protection is vitally important when it comes to choosing sunglasses. UV radiation from the sun can damage your eyes and contributes to the development of certain types of cataracts.

Before you start shopping know which styles you prefer and how much you wish to spend. See what the celebrities are wearing this season if you are conscious of keeping up with current trends.

Look for sunglasses with lens scratch resistance and take care to store your sunglasses correctly when they are not in use.

Children need sunglasses too to protect from UV radiation and glare, so take care when buying sunglasses for them. Forget about those flimsy little play sunglasses - get them something that will protect their eyes.

Sunglass styles change every year, just like every other fashion, and since sunglasses do not have to be expensive to be effective, you do not have to spend a fortune to develop a nice collection.

Designer and speciality sunglasses, like the kinds used for sports, cost more than most sunglasses, but you will find all kinds of fashion glasses for sale at affordable prices.

Staunton Opticians is now stocking this season’s must have in sunglasses. Check out the fantastic styles at Castlebar (094 902 4288 ) or Ballina (096 22855 ) stores today.



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